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Simple HTML templating language

DML is a simple templating language designed for managing web sites based in static HTML files (no CGI, SSI, etc.). It has been obsoleted by DML2 which has in turn been obsoleted by XSLT.

Development: DML Version 1.0!

Last Modified: 2001-12-08T08:00Z

DML, the technology upon which this very site relies is now ready for consumption by the masses! In case you haven't been following my work for the past month or so, DML is a simple markup-style language for templating static HTML-based web sites (for when PHP or Perl and other useful environments are unavailable.) Using the simple templates, site-wide changes may be made with the greatest of ease, modifying only 1 or 2 lines of HTML and executing 1 simple command. If your web host only allows static HTML pages, you'd be stupid not to use it =)

An example DML template file and DML file are included (along with the great documentation =) to help you get started. If you're curious as to what's possible with DML, I'll tell you right now, anything. The whole purpose of this developement package was to allow old-school web developers (like me) to keep on pumping out web sites without relying on large amounts of server processing power or (sometimes buggy) preprocessors. Using DML you can separate a page's content from its display (A Very Good Thing) so you don't have to waste your time redesigning small pieces of the site that are on every single page. If I sound excited right now, it's because I am; I'm finally realizing what a useful tool I've created =)