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Simple HTML templating language

DML is a simple templating language designed for managing web sites based in static HTML files (no CGI, SSI, etc.). It has been obsoleted by DML2 which has in turn been obsoleted by XSLT.

Development: DML v1.91 (Open Source)

Last Modified: 2002-05-26T07:00Z

Just a quick note to say that DML has just been released (as v1.91) under the GNU GPL. It's an open source license that allows everyone to freely view, use, and change the source to DML. The code isn't pretty, but at least it's available now =)

This really doesn't affect end users (like yourself), but I've also transitioned to a new build platform using GNU autoconf and automake. Also, I am managing code versions with CVS. All of these things are pretty darn useful tools for Linux developers like myself =)