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Simple HTML templating language

DML is a simple templating language designed for managing web sites based in static HTML files (no CGI, SSI, etc.). It has been obsoleted by DML2 which has in turn been obsoleted by XSLT.

Development: DML v1.5

Last Modified: 2002-02-17T08:00Z

I suppose it's a bit late to say that I'll be busy from around January to late February since those months have already gone by. Fortunately, I've had a little bit of time to work on some stuff and in that little bit of time, I've gotten DML v1.5 ready to be released. This release is mainly a bug fix release (it fixes a lot of bugs) but it also includes new user-friendly output and revised documentation. This will probably end up being the last release of DML in its current format, since it is stable and usable. I plan on eventually rewriting the entire DML spec and program and such, but this will not happen for a very long time.

In redesign news, I've decided that I will not be redesigning the entire site any time soon--it's just too much work. I am going to instead try to focus on some of my coding projects and redesign the site at a later date when I have a lot more time to work on it.