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Simple HTML templating language

DML is a simple templating language designed for managing web sites based in static HTML files (no CGI, SSI, etc.). It has been obsoleted by DML2 which has in turn been obsoleted by XSLT.

Development: DML Beta Released!

Last Modified: 2001-12-02T08:00Z

After a total of about 20 hours of real work, DML is ready for primetime! In case you didin't know, DML is a templating language designed for creating large static HTML-based websites as easily as possible. As such, the program (which is available for Windows and Linux (x86) may be used to almost completely separate a page's content from it's appearance. A Very Good Thing in my opinion =)

With DML in working order, I will be able to start rebuilding the entire DeZine website with DML in mind. This will make a redesign in the future much easier, along with allowing me to add content much more easily than I ever could before. Check back soon, DeZine should be pretty busy! =)